Jungle Heat




A fight to the death for control of the jungle


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Jungle Heat is a strategy and action game in which you need to build and manage a military operations base in the middle of the jungle. Your objective is to destroy your enemies and take over all of the oil fields and gold mines in the area.

As you play the game you'll need to build different structures on your base, all of which have a different purpose. Some will serve to help you get resources, while others are needed to produce new units or to defend against enemy attack.

Although normally when you're attacked it will be the computer controlling your enemy, you can also battle other players. In Jungle Heat you can attack and be attacked by other human players, and best of all you'll have the chance to get revenge on anyone who successfully destroys your base.

Jungle Heat is a strategy and management game for Android that puts typical casual gameplay in a fun warlike setting.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher.